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About us

Luxury Rent Car & Driver Tharapannhas was created in Lausanne in November 2019 to cover requests for luxury vehicle rentals in Switzerland. Luxury Rent Car & Driver Tharapannhas will register with the Lausanne Trade Register in February 2020 in order to obtain independent status with a VAT number and really start a complementary activity to provide credibility and additional assurance to all its partners.


In May 2021, Luxury Rent Car & Driver Tharapannhas continued its progress and decided to leave the strategic management of the business to Simone’s Investments SA based in Geneva where the head office is located in the prestigious Rue du Rhône in Geneva.


In July 2021, Luxury rent car & Driver Tharapannhas becomes Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA. The registered office is based in Zollikofen and the company is registered in the Trade Register of Berne, the capital of Switzerland.  Its fleet will be fully registered with the Bern Automotive Service.


Simone’s Investments SA decides to open a Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA in Geneva in its own premises in order to bring the brand closer to universal brands and thus rub shoulders with the most luxurious brands in the fashion world. This strong choice to appear at the address Rue du Rhône, 1204 Geneva has made it possible to raise the brand Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA in the top 3 of the best-listed sites of luxury car rentals in Geneva. Thus bringing a new dynamic to its activity. The brand is now recognized by the biggest hotel players in Geneva Lausanne and Bern. Following this, Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA will answer the first calls from the concierges who are members of Clefs d'Or International de Geneve.

Coming soon: An incredible growth in 3 years of Luxury rent car & driver. In order to confirm the potential of the brand and set the brand name in high quality standards. The 2022 milestone for Luxury rent car & Driver LRGS SA will be the following.

The prestigious 5-star hotel located at Quai des Bergues in Geneva will choose Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA to be alongside the most prestigious Swiss jewellery brands and Swiss master watchmaking houses located in Geneva for the launch of its first 2022 booklet distributed at his institution and shared digitally to all his clients.


Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA is a full-fledged player to provide with high quality standards a service in the field of luxury car rental online, sports & prestige, and offers Mercedes G-Class AMG premium models as well as Mercedes E-Class models for the comfort of our members.


Luxury Rent Car & Driver is therefore located in Geneva - Lausanne - Zollikofen (Canton of Bern), our teams respond to requests from all over Switzerland.

Online booking is simple, easy and secure.

To make it possible to practice attractive rates, we do not have offices to receive our customers to physically reserve the vehicle, our vehicles are parked in private garages, all reservations are confirmed via our internet platform or by email exchange.

You book the vehicle and we deliver the vehicle to you free of charge throughout Switzerland for bookings of more than 2 days. We come to pick up the vehicle at the place of departure of the rental or at the address you have communicated to us.

For all bookings of 1 or 2 days, you will need a package of CHF 3.50. - per kilometre distance that separates you from Lausanne. These costs will allow us to cover expenses related to travel such as petrol, the charge of person mandated to deliver the vehicle, mileage costs (example: you book from Geneva, the distance Geneva - Lausanne being 64 km, the package will be CHF 224.-)

We offer you a selection of vehicles Mercedes, Mercedes G-Class, Mercedes G-Class AMG Line, Mercedes G Wagon, Mercedes G 63 AMG, Mercedes E. Class Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA meets the highest standards in luxury vehicle rental and offers a wide range of related services.

We have a concierge service, we can park in our private garage your vehicle during the rental time.

We assist you 24/7 on any problems you may encounter throughout your stay.

Our Mercedes G-Class and Mercedes E-Class vehicles are equipped with tires adapted for each season of the year.

Renting a Mercedes G-Class with is the assurance of getting the vehicle you have rented, we guarantee the exact model booked, to arrive at destination in peace with a vehicle of the latest brand!

Whether it is for a tourist stay, for a medical stay, a wedding, a birthday, a weekend with friends, or simply to realize a dream or to have fun, Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA will be your partner of preferences!


You want a medium or long term rental, we will answer you on request.

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