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Class G is still there after more than 40 years of career. First military vehicle, then quickly transformed into a production vehicle, now more luxurious and urban, but still capable of off-road. Finally, try this Mercedes G500 class with Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA to see it. This version is slightly more popular, but still very controversial.

We are only talking about the Mercedes Benz G63 class. However, if there is only one, it will certainly be the Mercedes Benz G500 AMG Line. If the AMG version has become a real city car very popular by the Monegasques and the Middle East, the Mercedes G500 on keep its DNA. After all, it’s all about relativity. Over the years, the Mercedes G-Class has become more versatile.

Let’s talk about his amazing V8. This 4.0 liter block supercharged by two turbos is a variant of the engine that is under the hood of the Mercedes AMG GT, the famous safety car that you will see appear during the queen category of track racing, just that, the incredible Mercedes AMG GT of the Formula 1 circuits. This V8 engine is also fitted in other Mercedes-AMG cars marked «63». You will understand very well, this engine clearly no longer has to prove itself.

If you are in the process of acquiring a Mercedes G-Class 500 AMG Line or a Mercedes G-Class 63 AMG, Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA is here to help you with this. We provide our different experiences to give you an opinion on the different Mercedes G-Class models available and to guide you in your choice.

Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA showcases the Mercedes G-Class and offers you the best and most competitive luxury car rental prices to give you the opportunity to rent the latest Mercedes G-Class model for as long as it suits you.

We drove several Mercedes G-Class models and we have our opinion on each of them. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us to accompany you during your purchases of a Mercedes model. Our luxury car rental agency is here to provide you with this service with high quality standards.

2022 Mercedes Benz G-Class models sold in Switzerland:

- Mercedes Benz G-Class 63 AMG

- Mercedes Benz G-Class 500

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