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Luxury Rent Car & Driver LRGS SA


– double-sided photocopy of your Swiss identity card (failing this, residence permit B, or L. 
Driver must be over 30 years of age and have had a driver’s licence for at least five years.

– proof of residence (e.g.: telephone subscription invoice)

– photocopy of driver’s license

– double-sided photocopy of your credit card (identical to the one used for your booking)

For people coming from abroad:

– Double-sided photocopy of your ID (or passport). The driver must be 30 years old and have had a driver’s licence for at least five years.

– Proof of reservation of your stay in a hotel on the Swiss territory or in the Liechtenstein territory.

- In the context of your stay at your secondary residence, please provide us with proof of residence of less than 3 months.

– Proof of residence less than 3 months old (ex: telephone subscription invoice)

- Photocopy of driver’s licence

– Double-sided photocopy of your credit card (same as the one used for your reservation)

Deposit of caution:

-If you are Swiss resident and 30 years old or more: A franchise caution of CHF 7'000. - by cash or bank loan will be requested when the vehicle is booked. Possibility to reduce the franchise to CHF 3'500. - by paying in addition to the reservation, CHF 60. - per day of rental.

- If you are coming from abroad or less than 30 years old : A franchise caution of CHF 10'000. - by cash or bank loan will be requested when the vehicle is booked. Possibility to reduce the franchise to CHF 5'000. - by paying in addition to the reservation, CHF 100. - per day of rental.



The tenant is responsible for the damage by accident up to a deductible.

Insurance does not cover: damage to rims, tyres, mirrors, upholstery, gearbox, clutch, underbody, scratches. Or negligence or conduct that does not comply with the applicable traffic laws. For all incidents not covered by the insurance, the tenant will be required to pay for the repair and return to service of the vehicle.

In the event of a responsible accident, a minimum of 2 days of immobilization will be charged at the basic rate (CHF 1'490.-). If the immobilisation of the vehicle lasts more than 2 days, the tenant will be liable for each immobilisation day after 2 days, at the daily rate of CHF 800. -. The tenant’s liability may be up to the total value of the vehicle.


If you are Swiss resident 30 years old or more: The deductibles (franchises) are the responsibility of the tenant in case of loss. CHF 7'000. - per loss caused or CHF 3'500.- if you choose to pay the buying franchise CHF 60.-/day.

If you are coming from abroad or less 30 years old : The deductibles (franchises) are the responsibility of the tenant in case of loss. CHF 10'000. - per loss caused or CHF 5'000.- if you choose to pay the buying franchise CHF 100.-/day.



Your: You are responsible for ensuring that you care for, use and return the vehicle in accordance with these Rental Terms, accepting responsibility to us if the vehicle is returned late, lost or damaged, as well as for traffic fines and other charges that arise during the rental.


You will be liable to us for loss of or damage to the vehicle, which may extend to the full value of the vehicle.


Breach the terms of the rental agreement: If you breach the terms of the rental agreement, your insurance and waiver products will be invalid. This means you will be responsible to us for loss of or damage to the vehicle and if we have to compensate any other person (including our insurers).

Premeditation or gross negligence: Note that our insurances and waivers will also be invalid if the loss or damage is caused intentionally or by the gross negligence of you or an authorised driver.


We will waive this liability to the amount of the excess stated on the Rental Record if you purchase the optional products.

Your responsibility is not reduced by any waiver in case of:

– failure to observe the dimensions of the vehicle e.g. striking overhead or overhanging objects

inappropriate handling of the vehicle

– misfuelling

– lost or damaged car keys

– lost or damaged accessories e.g. NeverLost, child seats etc.


-Unlimited RC insurance + Casco also includes for all drivers is included in the rental price. Deductibles are the responsibility of the tenant in the event of a claim.

Conduct – Employment – Maintenance:

-The use of the rental vehicle is authorized under the following special conditions:

- Driver must be over 30 years of age and have had a driver’s licence for at least three years.



The vehicle belongs to LRGS SA, Simone's Investments SA and Luxury Rent & Driver Tharapannhas Company and you are not allowed to sub-rent (except partners), transfer or sell it. In addition, the vehicle may not be used:

– off road or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle (including racetracks)

– when it is overloaded with passengers and/ or baggage

– to tow or push any vehicle, trailer or other object (without our express permission)

– to carry anything which may harm the vehicle (including explosive or combustible materials) or delay our ability to rent the vehicle again (because of its condition or smell)

– to carry passengers for remuneration

– to carry cargo for remuneration (except in the case of trucks and vans)

– to take part in any race, rally or other contest

– in restricted areas, including airport service roads and associated areas

– in contravention of any traffic or other regulations or for any illegal purpose

– smoking, drinking or eating in the vehicle.
– it is strictly forbidden to sit on the bodywork, to stand on the bodywork, to stand on the vehicle seats, to roll with one or more doors open, to roll with the trunk open.
– it is strictly forbidden to wash the bodywork of our vehicles with the washing gates (roller type).

-As soon as the vehicle is in hand, the tenant is responsible for any damage to the vehicle.The donor declines all responsibilities.



Only the renter and any other person authorised by us may drive the vehicle, although they may not drive if they are over-tired or under the influence of any substance that may impair their consciousness or ability to react, such as alcohol, drugs or certain medication.



For driving the vehicle abroad please refer to the driving restrictions of the concerned countries and vehicle categories (see Travel restrictions on green card in dashbord).




In case of breach of use restrictions, the following happens:

– You will be responsible for any damage, losses and expenses we suffer as a result.

– You lose the benefit of any insurance or waivers of liability you have taken.

– We will terminate the Rental Agreement and take the vehicle back at any time at your expense.

– We may at any time terminate the current Rental Agreement and take over the vehicle at any time and at your expense. In the context of the termination of the lease for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the lease, the rental contract ends on the day of the declaration of non-compliance with our rental conditions and we come to collect the vehicle as soon as possible.You will be charged CHF 5'000. - for violations of the terms contained in the lease agreement.

-The donor undertakes to provide the vehicle with oil, water, brake fluid and tire pressure levels under optimal conditions. During the rental, if an alert light appears on the dashboard, the tenant is responsible for notifying the lessor. The lessor and the donor will take the necessary steps together to resolve the alert that appeared on the dashboard. If a problem arises from the malevolence of the tenant, the damages resulting from the failure to comply with these requirements shall be borne by the tenant.Maintenance work is prescribed in the vehicle service book.

-The tenant undertakes to drive the vehicle correctly. When the vehicle is not in use, the doors will be locked and the keys removed. In the event of non-compliance with these requirements, damage is entirely the responsibility of the tenant.

-The tenant undertakes to return the vehicle to the same state of cleanliness observed when the keys were handed over. In which case, he could be charged CHF 300 for cleaning and return to service. -


We will provide you with the vehicle in good working order and you are required to return the vehicle to us in the same condition, normal wear and tear aside.

Inspection of the vehicle condition: It is important that you check the condition of the vehicle at the beginning of the rental and on return. We will summarise any agreed damage at the start of the rental on our Vehicle Condition Form. You will be responsible for any additional damage which is found when you return the vehicle.

Responsibilities of the tenant;

-From the beginning of the rental, the tenant is responsible for the car in his or her possession (including all accessories made available to the tenant), which must be returned to the original condition.

-In case of problems, the tenant takes care of paying directly the damages or the insurance deductible.


Other commitments of the tenant:

The tenant shall:

- complies with insurance conditions

- takes care of the leased property 

- does not exceed the mileage expected when booking on the site without informing the owner

- in the event of an accident or breakdown, never abandon the rented car, and keep it under its own responsibility until the owner or the tow truck can intervene.

- without the permission of the owner, cannot entrust the steering wheel of the vehicle to another person



At the end of the rental, when the vehicle is returned and if the vehicle is not in the same condition as at the beginning of the rental, the tenant must immediately compensate the lessor. In such cases, the donor may charge the tenant's bank card with the amount corresponding to the compensation and the application fee.


- If the lessee commits an offence and receives a ticket, he or she must bear the full cost.

- When the vehicle is returned, the tenant will inform the owner if he receives a ticket or thinks he has committed an offence registered by an automatic control.




Your responsibility: You are responsible for looking after the vehicle and reducing the risk of breakdown and damage by complying with our restrictions on use. You must also make sure you use the correct fuel and check the tyres, oil and other fluid gauges, refilling if necessary.

You are responsible for the security of the vehicle and should try to minimise the risk of theft or vandalism by parking in a safe place. Always remove valuable items from sight, activate any security device provided and make sure the vehicle is locked. You must also comply with our return instructions.



You need to take the following steps:

– Report the accident to the police immediately and call Emergency Roadside Assistance in any event using the number on the back of these Rental Terms.

– Complete an European Accident Statement (EAS)

– available either in the vehicle or by request on return and hand it to a Hertz member of staff. The EAS must be completed even if there is no damage to the car.

– Do not admit fault. Take the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses, and collect the information requested on the EAS.
- Each accident must be immediately reported to the police and the donor. The same applies in the case of theft. In case of serious accidents (injured, dead), the announcement must be made by telephone or message. The accident report will be accurate and complete to the donor.

- No replacement vehicle will be provided in the event of an accident. The entire rental is due and the deposit is retained.




If you experience any problem with the vehicle due to mechanical failure or accident, you should contact us by calling the Emergency Roadside Assistance number on the back of these Rental Terms and we will organise appropriate help.

- Any order given by the tenant without the prior agreement of the donor does not entail any responsibility of the latter.


- No replacement vehicle will be provided in the event of a breakdown. The rental is due until the day of the breakdown and the deposit is retained until the check vehicle is done.


- When taking possession of the vehicle, the tenant must check the condition of the vehicle. Any subsequent damage not covered by RC insurance will be borne by the tenant.



Procedure: Please note that you must not allow anyone to service or repair the vehicle without our permission.

- Punctures and tire replacements are the responsibility of the tenant.

- All costs associated with an incident will be borne by the tenant. In case of ice breakage, tire punctures, incidents, the tenant is obliged to pay for the repairs.


Procedure: If the vehicle is stolen you need to inform the police, provide us a police report, call Emergency Roadside Assistance as soon as you can and complete an EAS (see the accident procedure above). Preventive Measures: You must be able to show that you have taken appropriate care by returning the keys.

-In the event of an accident, theft, loss, fire, damage caused by an animal or other damage, the tenant has the obligation to notify the police immediately to establish a report or trial-to explain and attest to the conditions under which the incident occurred.  

-As soon as possible, the tenant also undertakes to inform the owner of the condition of his vehicle.   

-If an accident occurs and the tenant makes an amicable finding with the other driver, it will have to be completed on site in accordance with customs and regulations without any boxes being ignored or forgotten.A sketch of the situation would be desirable. (See the amicable statement provided).

-In the event that several vehicles are involved in the accident, an amicable finding will be made with each of the drivers.

-If the other driver refuses to cooperate or to sign the report amicably, the tenant will have to take the vehicle’s license plate number. In this case, the tenant must obtain the testimony of the persons who witnessed the accident, or call the police.

-Once the statement is completed, it must be submitted and validated by the owner and then sent to the insurance company within five working days, this deadline must be respected.

-The tenant must inform and obtain permission from the donor for possible repair if necessary.


- In case of theft, the tenant must present the keys of the vehicle at his disposal at the departure of the rental. In the event that the lessor is unwilling to present the vehicle keys, the tenant will be fully responsible for the theft and will be charged the purchase price of the vehicle.

-No replacement vehicle will be provided in the event of a theft. The entire rental is due and the deposit is retained.




You are responsible for all losses and costs incurred, per incident, to us if the vehicle is lost or damaged during your rental. These may include (amongst others):

– the cost of repairs

– loss in value of the vehicle (NB: this could extend to the full value of the vehicle)

– loss of rental income

– towing and storage charges

– an administration charge, which recovers our costs for handling any claim arising from damage caused to the vehicle

Your responsibility may be reduced if you have taken our optional waivers, although these may be void if you do not comply with your responsibilities and obligations in these Rental Terms


No liability: You will not be responsible to us if the loss or damage is directly due to us.


In addition, you agree to co-operate with us and our insurers in any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings.

Responsibilities of the owner:

-The donor certifies that his car has passed the technical inspection and is in working order. If the vehicle is not in compliance with the law or has a technical problem with the safety of the vehicle, the donor must not rent it.


-If the source of a breakdown is due to a cause that is not related to non-compliance with the use of the car, the tenant can stop the rental and be reimbursed.

-In this case, the owner shall assume all the loads related to the vehicle, in particular on presentation of the supporting documents and half the loads related to the repatriation of the occupants of the vehicle.


Liability: You are required to pay all fines, tolls and other similar costs incurred in connection with the rental of the vehicle.Information: We are obliged to provide your details to the authorities concerned who will send you the fine directly. We will recover any costs incurred by charging you a fixed administrative fee that is independent of the amount of the contravention.​

Number of kilometers travelled:

-The price of the rental is known as soon as the booking is confirmed.

-At the end of the rental, if the expected mileage is exceeded, the balance can be paid directly to the donor according to the rate originally provided in the contract.



You need to return the vehicle to the same location where you picked it up by the time stated on your Rental Record, and hand it in with the keys at LRGS SA, Simone's Investments SA, Luxury Rent & Driver Tharapannhas employee. Please ensure, where possible, that the vehicle is clean.The bodywork must be washed before the rental return so that the statement of the condition of the vehicle is made at the time of the rental return, as part of a restitution after 18h00 where the bodywork is dirty, we reserve a period of 24 hours after the time of return of the vehicle to note any damage to the vehicle, the bodywork and the interior of the vehicle. The tenant will then be notified within 24 hours of all damages and will be charged for repairs and fixed assets. The cleaning costs CHF 300. - are the responsibility of the tenant in the context of return of dirty vehicle.



Additional Charges: Your rental charges are calculated on a per day basis in 24 hour periods from the time shown on the Rental Record. If you return the vehicle late you enter a new 24 hour period and will be charged for that and every successive 24 hour period you enter before return, at a current standard rental rate.


Grace period: To help you if you’re running slightly late, we allow a small extension or ‘grace period’ of 29 minutes to return the vehicle without being charged for an extra day. This grace period is subject to change by agreement prior to the start of the rental.


Charges: We reserve the right to make a late return charge to cover the additional administration of dealing with a late return.

Important: Do not give the keys to anybody when you park the car, even if they appear to be a LRGS SA, Simone's Investments SA, Luxury Rent Tharapannhas employee.


Procedure: If you would like to change the time or place of return or arrange for us to collect the vehicle, you need to call the renting location at the number provided on the Rental Record. Any amendment to the agreed return arrangement is at our discretion.

Additional charges: Please note that a change to the return time may entail an increase of your rental charges because a different rate may apply. In addition, if you wish to amend the return location, a One Way Fee may be charged.

A return to a different location than rented is not allowed without our prior approval.


Dirt in the vehicle:

If the vehicle requires more than a standard cleaning after its return in order to restore it to the condition it was in prior to its rental, in addition to the degradation due to normal wear and tear, you will have to pay a cleaning fee corresponding to the additional costs incurred by us in the range of CHF 300. -. 

Smoking in the vehicle:

It is forbidden to smoke in our vehicles. The tenant shall bear the costs of cleaning in the event of soiling or tampering with the vehicle resulting from the prohibited consumption of tobacco.


Retention period: Any item left in the vehicle by the tenant is kept for three months. If the tenant does not recover these objects within three months, we reserve the right to dispose of them. All costs incurred in sending lost and found objects to the tenant’s home are the responsibility of the customer.

LRGS SA, Simone's Investments SA, Luxury Rent & Driver Company disclaims all liability for objects forgotten in the vehicle at the end of the rental.


To provide you with our services, we must collect and store personal information about you.


Our rights: By renting a vehicle from us, you agree that we will process your personal data (including your bank details) in accordance with our Privacy Policy.In particular, you consent to our using your personal data in our legitimate interest, including for statistical analysis, bank checks and the protection of our property. As a result, we may disclose your personal data to insurers or other organizations as part of recovery and enforcement procedures.

GPS: Please note that we are tracking certain vehicles using GPS for security reasons and that we may retain certain personal information for these purposes if necessary. Use for marketing: We will use your personal information for marketing purposes only with your consent (provided that you have been given the opportunity to refuse).

Cancellation of the reservation:

-We refund the full amount paid for the reservation for any cancellations occurring more than 7 days prior to the original departure. For any cancellation occurring between 7 days or more than 48h before the departure initially scheduled, a penalty of 30% of the amount of the reservation will be charged. 
50% of the total amount will be charged for a cancellation between 48 hours and 12 hours before the initial departure. For cancellations within 12 hours of the original departure, your reservation is non-refundable. No-show, your reservation is non-refundable.

Extension of reservation:

Any request for an extension of the rental period must be notified to the donor at least 48 hours before the end of the lease initially agreed. Any additional day will be charged at the basic rate. In the event that the tenant fails to notify the donor of this extension, the tenant may be charged the additional rental days at the basic rate as well as the reservation made cancelled due to this extension.

By agreeing to book one of our vehicles, you agree to the following terms: We reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time in the context of which the reserved vehicle suffered damage on a previous rental. We will automatically refund you within 5 to 7 business days the total amount paid for your reservation and you will not be able to sue us for any damages related to this cancellation.

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